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A vegvísir, Icelandic for "wayfinder", (lit. 'way shower') is an Icelandic magical stave intended to help the bearer find their way through rough weather. This compound word is formed from the two Icelandic words, vegur and vísir. Vegur means 'way, road, path' (lit. 'way'), and vísir, inflection form of vísa, 'to show, to let know, to guide' (lit. 'show + -er').

Dyed-in-the-wool technologists, impeccable on all levels simultaneously. Trust your Vegvísir. Tie your camel.

Mission: As Vegvísir, our mission is to provide secure and privacy-respecting hosting of opensource software for communication and collaboration. We serve other collectives, hosting their web services with a commitment to safeguarding their digital presence. Through our discerning choices in tools and partnerships, we embody/practise confidentiality, integrity, and availability to support the process of improving security and privacy outcomes for collectives and their users. As a collective of passionate experts we bring a unique and personalised approach to the IT provisioing and hosting experience, ensuring that each collective we serve receives high quality service, support and care.

Vision: As Vegvísir, we support the vision of a digital landscape where individuals and collectives can securely communicate, collaborate, and organize through opensource, decentralized, and, where appropriate, federated services. We aim to provide technical infrastructure that empowers communities, ensuring they have the cutting edge opensource services and platforms necessary for secure communication and collaboration. Guided by our collective commitment to technical excellence, and privacy for our users and true to the triple pillar of confidentiality, integrity and availability, we strive to show the way of excellent service and keep our eyes to the horizon and the rough weather.

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* Hosting web/files/pads/emails/mastodons/wikis/libraries for collectives,

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    > Cryptocurrency

  • We accept Monero! While monies are in and of themselves not entirely nutritious it is nevertheless delicious to keep the lights on and our passionate professionals lovingly mateinated. Monero Receiving Address (hint: right click, Copy Email Address)

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    > Hardware donations

    We are in the process of bootstrapping our service so if you have any hardware that could be used for the project (HDDs, RAM, Servers, CPUs, Raid Cards, Network Cards, Network equipment, etc) please contact us. Your support with a hardware donation is most welcome and very much appreciated. Hardware donations that cannot be used for the service we can sell so we can cash out and get what is needed.

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